Our Methodology

Sophisticated gardens add value to your property and class to your lifestyle. Making one requires a deep understanding of horticulture and construction that is proven by our show garden experience. Our director insists that achieving a gratifying result depends on the ability to look at the whole project, work methodically, analysing all influential factors and then use detailed understanding of the elemental parts to build it all again.

A lot of the time we have to go back to the chemistry, physics or biology of the material in question to know how we can achieve a certain feature or resolve a geotechnical problem. We follow established protocols and procedures but we always question if they are appropriate. If there is a better way, we work it out and make it happen. This process of understanding and comparing the merits of different materials and methods means the result is sure to be robust and unique.

2020 will be the inaugural year for our “New Garden Designer” Award. We have launched this to encourage and assist designers to bring their creativity to the wider industry by working together to build their first show garden. The aim is to host unique show gardens that create new styles to improve the world of horticultural design.

Xardin Garden Design

Xardin Garden Design

A garden made by Xardin is an ideal match for aspirational property owners, people who care about and invest in their property choose Xardin. Our horticultural training and show garden experience is your guarantee of a well appointed natural space to complement your home. We are well positioned to build gardens in London and cover from Oxford to Tunbridge Wells and down to Winchester. All our work is carried out with the highest attention to detail and durability. We commend all our work with a ten year guarantee.

Experience It

We will be at Future Scape in November and we hold regular workshops where you can come to meet us to find out how we have helped other garden designers, home owners and developers to create their dream gardens. Future Scape is at Sandown Racecourse on 19th November, our theme is “Developing your Brand and your Style hand in hand”. You can SIGN UP to our next workshop at London Stone showroom, Farnham on 26th November entitled “Getting Your Message into the Show Garden World”