Xardin Gardens

Xardin is an award winning landscape company with over 30 years experience working in London/Oxford city gardens, Spanish resort villas, Caribbean hotels resorts and numerous Garden Shows. The gardens we have created range from residential urban temperate gardens, Mediterranean holiday villa gardens to luxury tropical villa estates and resorts.

This huge breadth of experience, which includes semi tropical and tropical disciplines, allows our team of landscape construction and horticultural specialists to work with designers to execute complex garden designs of any style, with military precision, creative flairand the highest level of sophistication.

Xardin have won awards at home and abroad, the most recent including:

  • gold at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2015
  • bronze at RHS Hampton Court 2017
  • bronze at RHS Cardiff 2019
  • silver gilt at RHS Chatsworth in 2019

Introducing Our Ideas

Our Awards